Morgan & Morgan Group in Israel


Morgan & Morgan Group in Israel

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Morgan & Morgan Group (MMG) is pleased to announce the acquisition of the Israeli company KAPLEX Trust (1978) Ltd.  This new journey effective June 1, is most significant to us, as not only the ties of friendship between Rogelio Tribaldos and firm owner Alon Kaplan have strengthened over the years, but also, because the bond between the Morgan & Morgan Group (MMG) and Israel dates back to 1947, when our founder Eduardo Morgan Alvarez, as a member of the United Nations Committee, became instrumental in the creation of the State of Israel.  Sixty four years later we are very proud to be part of a larger family of which MMG Kaplex Trust (1978) Ltd. has now become a full member.

Alon Kaplan, LL.M. (Jerusalem), was admitted to the Bars of Israel, New York and Germany. Mr. Kaplan is a member of the International Academy of Estate and Trust Law, a member of the Executive Committee of the International Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists and a member of the Board of Directors of the Israel-America Chamber of Commerce. He has advised the Israeli Tax Authority on trust legislation and has been a professor and an adjunct lecturer at the Law Faculty of Tel Aviv University and at the Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya. He is currently Academic Coordinator and Lecturer of the STEP Diploma Course at the Institute of Advanced Studies at Tel Aviv University’s Faculty of Law.   With the incorporation of Alon Kaplan’s firm and its highly qualified team of attorneys and accountants, our Zurich office achieves an important milestone in the development  of the International Fiduciary Network and expertise in tax, estate & financial planning in Europe.  This  important project is created under the  strategic concept of networked cross-border fiduciary, in which all offices will have an integrated and interdisciplinary activity.

With more than 88 years of successful experience, the Morgan & Morgan Group has over 800 employees and an efficient operations network in more than 20 cities in America, Europe and Asia.  All interactions are based on a strict code of ethics and conducted under the highest industry norms and international standards.

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